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Can I really make money just by joining?

Yes. With OnPassive you will earn by doing literally nothing, if that is what you choose to do. You do not have to lift a finger. The done-for-you traffic, leads and enrollments will allow you to get results even if you never do anything after you join.

This is why OnPassive is perfect people people who are short on time or who know nothing about marketing or selling.

The done-for-you marketing campaigns combined with the 3X forced matrix will cause your customer base to grow over time.

All you have to do is maintain your position by making a one time payment. All other payments come from your earnings.

Whether it will take a month, or two months or three... we don't yet know. But at some point you will be in profit.

So, you are saying that I can earn with OnPassive by never doing darn lick of work, ever. Like, I just don't do anything... and I still get paid?

Yes, exactly correct. I know that your mind is rejecting this idea because it has never happened before, but this is correct. All you have to do is maintain your position and you will eventually be in profit.

Now, do I recommend that someone does nothing as a business strategy? Heck no! My recommendation would be that you learn what OnPassive really is, and (after you've had a couple nights where you couldn't sleep because of excitement) realize what unparalleled potential for growth you have, and then put the turbo boost on that growth by sharing it with every single person you come into contact with.

So... you're saying that I can enroll, then do LITERALLY NOTHING, never lift a finger, and I'll still earn?

Yes, for goodness sake! How many ways do I have to cover it? (Ha ha)
Enroll in OnPassive, maintain your position, do literally nothing else, no work, no time, don't lift a finger, ever... and you will still end up in profit.

What are the product prices/levels?

There is only one "product level." The exact price is not known at this time. As we get closer to official product launch this will be made public. We have been assured that "no one will need to go without anything in their life in order to purchase OnPassive's product suite."

I've seen others say the launch has been "delayed" or that it will "never launch." Is this true?

No. There has never been a launch date for OnPassive. The products and systems have been in development for over two years and all were started from scratch. There is a commitment to quality and not cutting corners. The OnPassive products will be cutting edge technology that is better than the competition at a price customers won't be able to refuse.


Where is OnPassive's office?

The CEO's office and Admin office is in Orlando, FL.
The development/technical staff is currently in Hyderabad, India. There are many pictures and videos of the offices and staff in your member area.

How much can I make with OnPassive?

I cannot tell you how much you can make. In business there are always variables. The more work you put in, the more focused you are, etc., the more you will earn.

Again, obviously I would never recommend to that anyone use the "don't lift a finger" strategy for building their business. The more you do, the more you earn. The more customers you have and the more customers your customers have, the bigger your organization will grow and the more you will earn. If you choose to take the "do nothing" approach, you will be in profit at some point, but obviously you will not earn as much as someone who is really working to build their business.

There are currently Founders who already have more than 80K people in their organization, prior to product launch. That means, according to the data we have on the compensation plan, assuming all their members activate their accounts, these people will have a six-figure monthly income, right from Month One.*

How much have you earned so far from OnPassive?

OnPassive has not launched yet, so... nothing. We are not here to trick you. The reason OnPassive was created was because of all the lies, scams, and fraud currently online. We don't want to make money off you, we want to make money with you!!

Why should I join OnPassive if I already have a business?

The are going to be many benefits for a business and customers to using the OnPassive products especially when evaluating costs.

However, keep in mind one of the products will automatically generate traffic, leads, and sales to your already existing business. (must be approved by OnPassive so no schemes or scams)

Why should I become a Founder now, instead of just waiting for the product/company launch?

Founders get massive benefits over regular members. Founders get priority placement in the company matrix. Founders have their own marketing campaigns that regular members do not get. Founders get priority allocations of the done-for-you traffic that comes with the product. Founders have access to private Founders' webinars, which allow you to get the big picture of what OnPassive really is, before non-Founders can.

Founders can build their organization now, instead of waiting for launch. This is HUGE. If you get to work now, you could literally have a job-replacing i.n.c.o.m.e locked in by the time OnPassive launches.

Remember, part of the compensation is based on what the entire organization produces. If you start sharing it now, and your referrals start sharing it right away, and their referrals start sharing it right away, and their referrals start sharing it right away... heck, you could have literally thousands of people in your organization before the product launch date.

Time is extremely important here. The earlier the better.

What is the price to become a founder?

The cost of a Founder position has been $97 since the beginning. When OnPassive goes into "soft launch" any day now, the price will increase. The expected price will be $149.

Are there other companies or products like OnPassive?

No. Nothing of this magnitude has ever existed. The amount of capital, staff, legal resources, experience, time, planning, expertise, etc. which is needed to create OnPassive is, frankly, not something that will be duplicated. About the only entity I can think of that would be comparable would be Google itself, with all the services it offers, but even that is not quite the same, just from a product standpoint.

Never before has any company been ambitious enough to offer literally every product or service that any business could need, all in one place. Most companies offer only one. Take Zoom for example. They provide online webinar and meetings. That is just one of the many products that OnPassive will bring, all of which will be of superior quality to what the market is already paying for, for less cost.

How many members does OnPassive have?

At the moment that I'm writing this (2/26/2021) there are 544,214 paid, confirmed Founders. That is more paid members than most network marketing companies have after 25 years of hustling.

This is something special and unique. In my entire 24 years in the home business niche, I've never seen this kind of momentum. And to make it even more exceptional, this is all BEFORE the products have been launched.

Why is OnPassive special?

In addition to the what I noted above about the products, and the growth so far, OnPassive will be the only company that has existed that will allow anyone to get results even if they do not lift a finger.

Yes, there are ways for people to automate other businesses, to use additional software, or to outsource certain tasks to free up their time. But those all have to be built and that comes with a lot of work. OnPassive is the only thing known up to this time that will allow you to win, even if you never lift a finger.

This makes it perfect even for people who already have another business and can't take time away, for people who know nothing about marketing and selling, or even for people who are just lazy as Hell.

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